July 1, 2013 - 2013 WKA MRP Report

Moving to the senior ranks was definitely the right decision, proven 2 weekends in a row. We were very close through the entire weekend. On Saturday we qualified 4th in yamaha and 14th in Tag, against very skilled drivers. In the yamaha, we ran down 2nd place and passed the kart with 4 to go. Finished 2nd to fellow teammate Sam Cate. We finished 11th in the tag final, which the entire team was ecstatic about for our first national tag race. Sunday morning was filled with rain and gave a qualifying result of 8th in yamaha and 15th in tag. Yamaha was lacking a little bit of speed and we ended with 6th. The tag went extremely well, finishing 7th against some of the top drivers in the nation. Overall, we had a great weekend getting our first ever national podium.

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Great Lakes Sprints Series
Wampum, PA - August 9-11
TaG 1 - DNF
TaG Jr. 2 - 1st
Yamaha Sr 1 - 1st
Yamaha Sr. 2 - 1st

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Wampum, PA - August 16-18